How Kirra-lea Jewellery started

I am a traditionally trained trade jeweller, which means I specialise in making fine diamond jewellery. Sounds awesome right!? Getting to work with gold, platinum and precious gemstones all day long? So why did I get sick of looking at dazzling 1ct diamonds every day?


Let me paint the scene. At this point I had been a jeweller for 6 years. Like most days I was in another design consultation where the clients want to get the biggest, highest quality diamond that their budget could afford. That meant once again the ring design was compromised for the stone. The design would be very basic, probably the most affordable option available. That means nothing interesting to design, or fun to make. Sometimes I felt like people wished they could super glue the diamond directly to their finger and not bother with a ring at all.

 It was about then that I realised I wasn’t getting creative satisfaction from my job.

So I left my full time job as a high end jeweller and jewellery designer to start my own business. My plan was to create alternative jewellery heavily inspired by nature. Designs focusing on metal workmanship, artistic jewellery appreciated for the beauty of perfect imperfection.

Since most of my designs are made from moulding twigs and sticks, it gives me the perfect excuse to go on little foraging trips. And who doesn’t love a little mid week stroll through a national park like Wilson’s Promontory south of Melbourne? I get so much creative and personal pleasure out of the work I make for my business. My workshop is a separate studio out the back of my house, so travelling to work takes me no time at all! Plus I get to spend way more time with my pet birds. Isn’t it just the hardest to leave your pets alone at home all day 5 days a week while you are at work? There are so many reasons why I love owning my own business, professional and personal.


So instead of playing with diamonds every day, I play with sticks and stones. The clients I attract with my jewellery style are people who get what I am doing, they understand. Being asked to make commissions is like being asked to make art with my customers, it’s a collaboration. If you have any ideas please feel free to contact me about commissions, alterations or one of a kind pieces, I would love to create something special with you.