Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING
Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING
Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING
Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING
Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING
Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING
Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING

Canberra UnEarthed workshop ScatteRING

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ScatteRING sand casting workshop

About the artist

Welcome! My name is Kirra-lea and I am a trade-qualified jeweller who has been manufacturing for over 10 years. My passion lies in contemporary jewellery, particularly using and manipulating nature and raw materials to create bespoke jewellery. I have been using the sand casting technique for over 6 years, and for the past 4 I have been using the cast-in-place method. This process involves placing stones inside a mould, then pouring molten metal into the mould, allowing it to form around and securely encapsulate the stone, setting it in place.  

Workshop bits and pieces

In this one day workshop we will be focusing on how to cast-in-place faceted stones in the scattered style. There will be two demonstrations, scattered cast-in-place stones in a pendant form and scattered cast-in-place stones in a ring form. Students will have the project of casting in both these forms. Once both projects are complete students can continue exploring the variety of ways the scattered stone placement can be applied. Prepared to be delighted by the surprising and satisfying results.

The materials covered in the workshop include 30g of sterling silver and a variety of synthetic faceted stones, with the option of buying natural faceted sapphires. It is recommended to start with the synthetic stones provided in the workshop, before using authentic gemstones.

There will be an extensive array of solid objects to mould and cast, but you are welcome to bring your own to explore and use in the casting process. You can also bring your own metal and gemstones, should you wish to personalise a project with your own materials.

 Please note that gemstones used in the cast-in-place process should be 7.5 or higher on the Mohs hardness scale. 

The materials provided will allow you to make up to 3 take-home pieces of jewellery. If you need more than 30g of silver, there will be an option to purchase more on the day (cash, bank transfer and card options will be accepted).

What to bring

The classes are limited to 6 students to ensure a flexible and tailored experience. All you need to bring is yourself! Snacks, tea and coffee and lunch will be provided.

Please arrive dressed appropriately: closed in shoes, long pants and hair tied back. Please note that when working with clay, it can get a little messy! 


Please get in contact via instagram @kirraleajewellery or email if you have any questions. I look forward to creating with you!


Duration: 7 hours over one class 10am – 5pm

Location: Kin Gallery G06/27 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612


Cancellation Policy

UnEarthed workshops have limited seating, and many of our one day workshops sell out. For this reason, if you cannot attend your scheduled class you will be given either a credit towards a future UnEarthed sand casting class or partial refund.

90% of enrolment cost refunded or credit towards future class 7 days or more before class date,

50% of enrolment cost refunded 2 – 7 days before class date,

20% within 24 hours before class date.

 In the event of minimum number of enrolment not being met, a workshop may be cancelled. Five days notice of cancelation will be given to all enrolled students. In the case of cancelation by the venue or tutor full refund or a credit toward a future class will be given.